Tue - Sat, 5pm – 9pm

Tue - Sat : 5pm – 9pm

31 Kincaid St, Wagga Wagga

Our Story

What began as a passion for cooking on the streets of Plati, in Calabria Italy, has found its way to Wagga Wagga!

Our Story begins when Giuseppes parents Pasquale and Maria Barbaro, migrated from Italy to Griffith, NSW. A farming family, the Barbaro’s believed fresh produce to be the basis of a wonderful meal and instilled this belief in their youngest, Giuseppe.

From the time he was old enough to walk and talk, Giuseppes passion for cooking flourished and as he grew he soaked up the rich influences of his family and the community around him, as he learnt to cook in the traditional way.

At age 15, he began working his first job in a pizzeria and when he came of age, Giuseppes restaurant Griffith was born, allowing the diversely multicultural community to experience authentic, soul nourishing Italian flavours, made from the heart.

Today, our story find us in Wagga Wagga, where Giuseppes traditional food is being delivered by Fatima Zaidi, who has known and worked with the Barbaro family for over 15 years now.

Like Giuseppe, Fatima discovered her passion for cooking through the Barbaro family recipes, that have been passed down through generations.

There truly is no clearer a definition of “family-run” restaurant, than Giuseppe’s! 

Love your Italiano?

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